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  1. BOXPRO® Audio Cassette Case Protector /16 x /8 x 3/4" (inside dimensions). Made from 12 mil crystal clear, archival, semi-rigid, PET (Polyester). Top closure: Slit-lock. Bottom closure: Tongue tuck. Slit-lock. Closure flaps are located on the opposite side of the box. Boxes come with a removable protective film to prevent scratches.
  2. of results for "cassette tape cleaner" CrazyGadget® Audio Cassette Head Cleaner Tape Player Dust Cleaning Clear Sound Listen Music and Voice out of 5 stars
  3. Aug 08,  · Every pre- recorded cassette I have has a clear shell. Going back I can't remember them any other way. Yeah they do sound great. Most of them were from the 90's. Funny though, when I order blanks I always have them made with a clear shell. I just like their looks.
  4. Maybe I'm being anal about getting my cassette clean. When it's time for a thorough cleaning, degreaser and a scrub brush are my go-to items. I have not found a good way to get to the back side of those cogs that are 1 piece. On my it'd be the (back sides of .
  5. Oct 14,  · How to Clean Your Cassette Without Bothering to Remove It. 1. Remove the wheel (yep) 2. Pick your favorite DIY cleaning tool from above, and get it soaked with degreaser. Not too soaked, but enough to help break up the grime. 3. Lay the wheel down flat, cassette up. With a shop apron on, I usually just put the wheel in my lap.
  6. cassette tapes near high magnetic fields or high vibrations. Tip #5—Cleaning. Clean tape surfaces using a product such as 3M “Tape Cleaning Fabric,” this soft fabric product will pick up loose debris commonly found on tape surfaces after being dislodged by the fabric fibers. Clean equipment (tape heads.
  7. Jun 29,  · Removing the cassette is so simple that you should not be affraid of doing it. There really isn't any parts to lose or break. After you have the cassette separate you can dip it into solvent of your choise and blast it clean with air/water or what ever. Add a powerlink to the chain and you can do the same thing with the chain.
  8. Use this amazing kit to clean and maintain your Cassette player/ recorder. Kit includes: One head cleaner cassette, which both side of it are usable. 3 head cleaner liquid solutions - Poke the seal on the cap of the solution bottle, and Simply place about drops onto the cleaner tape and play it into your cassette player/recorder until it stops/5().

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